Join us in defining a New Kitchen Culture

Be a part of the New Kitchen Culture!

We invite you to join with us and our community to be a force for positive change in the Food & Beverage Industry. Choose 3 Problem Patterns that you think your establishment needs to address or is already addressing and help lead by example.  Then use the power of transparency on our platform to publicly make your promise to work toward solutions for these common problems. Commit to lead by example and show your peers in the industry, along with your staff and customers, that you are invested in creating a new culture within your organization.

Take action with our community on our platform in 3 steps:

  1. Be Open – share your actions, your decision-making processes & your willingness to embrace new ideas.
  2. Lead from Where You Are – create a starting point for positive growth.
  3. Do the Right Thing – by sharing your actions you’re encouraging others to do the same.

Find out what 40 industry leaders consider the 9 biggest challenges we all face! Read & download PDF here. 

Join the CWC Promise Campaign

Share with Cooks Who Care community on our social media your location and 3 Promise Priorities. We need to lead by example together. Lead with your proactive actions, because actions speak louder in a community who cares.