Join us in defining a New Kitchen Culture

Join the #NewKitchenCulture Movement

Be a part of our New Kitchen Culture 100 list of food and beverage industry spots that are great places to work because they make the health & happiness & safety of their team members a top priority - places that are creating New Kitchen Culture! Names on this list will be shared to inspire and prove the industry is a great place to work! You can lead by example by sharing your story, proving our actions speak louder in a community who cares.

Be a part of the #NewKitchenCulture!

We invite you to join with us and our community to be a force for positive change in the Food & Beverage Industry. We are have a goal to tell 100 stories #newkitchenculture in 2022 to inspire change.  F&B Industry establishments are working hard to lead the way inspire new norms, prioritize people, and provide inclusive environments.  It’s needed more than ever after the wake of COVID-19 challenges.  Head to our Instagram to hear dozens of stories detailing their priorities in today’s food & beverage business culture.  Stand out from establishments across the nation during the most challenging staffing times we’ve ever experienced.  

How you can Make Change with us. . .

Select 3 Problem Patterns that you think your establishment needs to address or is already addressing and help by leading by example.  Then use the power of transparency on our platform to publicly make your promise to work toward solutions for these common problems. Commit to lead by example and show your peers in the industry, along with your staff and customers, that you are invested in creating a new culture within your organization.

Take action with our community on our platform in 3 steps:

  1. Be Open – share your actions, your decision-making processes & your willingness to embrace new ideas.
  2. Lead from Where You Are – create a starting point for positive growth.
  3. Do the Right Thing – by sharing your actions you’re encouraging others to do the same.

Find out what 40 industry leaders consider the 9 biggest challenges we all face! Read & download PDF here.