Cooks Who Care is committed to restaurant community well-being. We provide workers in the F&B industry with mental health resources they need to thrive.

Mental Health is the #1 most important factor needed to be addressed in the food and beverage industry.  Hidden from view, are the mental health needs of hospitality workers’ and through the pandemic, we’ve witnessed an increase in behavioral health challenges – especially around care.  As Cooks Who Care, we activated solutions through the power of community after discovering mental health costs are not typically covered under health insurance.  See the incredible people involved in this large community collaboration project below:

What's Inside this Book?

Home Entertaining Recipe Ideas.
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Community Fund for Mental Health
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In this first-of-its-kind cookbook, you’ll find recipes & home entertaining ideas for cooks of all skill levels & learning styles. It’s packed with seasonally inspired ideas that are sure to bring people together, everything from no-fuss classics to chefs’ creations. There’s nothing more wonderful than gathering with your closest family and friends for an at-home get-together.  Create delicious dishes and drinks for your loved ones, get to know a community of amazing 28+ Philly food professionals filmed in 4 stunning locations around Philly; Hillside Farm, FarmerJawn Agriculture, Laurel Restaurant, and Pistolas del Sur. And assist access to mental health services with recipes inspired by our community found in 80 gorgeous pages designed by Tim Hill.

Cookbook photos were photographed by Scott Campbell, co-Founder of Cooks Who Care. This community cookbook – our mental health advocacy initiative – includes 28 how-to videos of chefs, mixologists and wellness experts.  Each video was professionally filmed, edited & produced by Cinematographer Eric Lovett Jr., iLovette Films & his team.  

(CARE) Care About Restaurant Employees and Employers

Based in Philly, this community is filled with experts who have become our trusted vendors, organizations and advisors. See the list below of supportive resources to the food & beverage industry. Talk to people we trust. Want to get on our resource list? Contact us to add your business organization info here

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